"Breathe properly.
Stay curious.
And eat your beets."
Jitterbug Perfume

 The Beet Box serves gourmet plant based street food 
using organic ingredients sourced from local farms.

Original recipes inspired by classic American cuisine 
and our travels across the globe.

Real food that tastes delicious and makes you feel amazing, giving you the energy to dance all night.

Juices & elixirs to revitalise your body
and sustain that vibrant feeling the next day too.

​Raw desserts, for a treat so healthy, you can call it breakfast.


Food Truck . Catering
Festivals & Events

Love & Food as Medicine
We love unbeatably delicious food.
We love colourful veggies.
We love to cook, and we also love juicy, crunchy & raw.
We love our fermented friends – kombucha, kimchi, and all the krauts. Yum Yum.
We love local, sustainable & organic.
We put all that love into our food and bring it in our
beloved Beet Box to YOU!

...Because we love you too


Bring on the festie season 2019!
The Beet Box is ready to roll up, expect the unexpected, and make life more delicious...

Every event's unique and we love them all!

Check out our 2019 calendar HERE

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"Where there is Love,
there is Life."
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