The Beet Fleet


The Beet Box
Our 1986 Grumman Olsen KurbMaster Food Truck,
the beloved foundation of Sacred Beets
The KubVan comes along as the Beet Box's Mini-Me.
Only a handful of these were ever made, and 100 are left on the road.
It's a VW Rabbit hybrid with aluminium Grumman body.​​

The YumLove Schoolbus carries our crew and booth to each festival.

And then there's Aubergenie, our VW golf that runs on vegetable oil.


We live in a world of constant flux.
We recognise that perpetual motion exisits all around us in every manifestation of the universe,
We understand that we possess and can harness all the power we need.
It makes no sense to rely on sources of energy
that damage the environment of our planet, 
threaten the future of our children, and are used as a platform for war.

Convert to Bio-diesel and promote Peace on Earth.
 The Beet Box
comes to you
as a Food Truck, 
a 20 x 20 tented booth,
a 10 x 10 booth,
all sizes between!

We use different tents
and set-ups
according to the needs
of your event. 
Festivals & Events
Because it’s not just about the food… it’s about the people. It’s about the sacred beats we make by embracing our sensuality, putting that back into our relationship with lunch and getting loved up in a squishy rainbow of good vibes, good food and good music.
The Beet Box brings alongthe music, the dance, the yoginis,
the flow jam of jugglers, twirlers, and hoopers,
the elixirs and juices, the meditators, mediums, innovators, and masseusses
a tea tipi and a bubble machine.
Come to our posted events,
join the party, or invite us to yours!