Most of us have aspects of our selves and lives that consciously or sub-consciously, we're reluctant to access and explore.
These areas of resistance can be dissolved.
Resistance in the mind is felt as stiffness in the body.
The simple practice of stretching & opening to our physical possibilities frees us from perceived limitations, from past trauma, from pain and inhibitions. 
This gentle exploration restores balance, it allows us to realign with our true self and life purpose.

This is what is called yoga.

"It is not our pinnacles of worldly success that define us. Or that create a future of health and wellbeing. More it's the simple ways we eat, breathe, move and love within each moment."
Jotinhat trained in Satyananda Yoga at Bihar Schoolof Yoga in India and in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan in Bali, Indonesia.

 Her areas of knowledge include Western, Vedic and Buddhist philosophy, Yoga and Meditation techniques, philosohy, physiology, and psychic anatomy.

Jo embraces the Eastern approach to philosophy as a way of life, of learning and evolution as spontaneously occurring in fusion with daily life. Of divinity as a universal constant that is never outside or beyond us, instead a power we can behold and embrace at any time.

Jo practices healing arts, sound therapy, and tantra through music and mantra. She counsels on yogic nutrition, plant-based health, and the art of fasting.